How to Make a Terracotta & Organza Essential Oil Diffuser

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Here is a handy weekend craft that is so easy even the kids can do it and all you need is a quick trip to your local discount store for a couple of supplies.

a lump of terracotta clay, mini stamps and cookie cutters surrounding a plate with stamped terracotta charms on it

Once completed your Terracotta and Organza Essential Oil Diffuser is the perfect way to add the scent of your favourite essential oils to tiny spaces for fresh bursts of fragrance throughout your day.

Suggested Uses for a Terracotta and Organza Essential Oil Diffuser

  • Add you favourite essential oil blend for ‘Focus’ then pop one in the top drawer of your office desk.  You’ll receive a fresh burst of scent every time you open the drawer which can help keep you focused throughout the day.
  • Add a calming essential oil blend, and then pin the bag to the inside of your child’s school bag to help keep them comforted as they go about their day.  They will smell the oils each time they retrieve or put away their belongings.
  • Place one in your underwear drawer or tie one to the rail in your wardrobe.  Your favourite scent can then greet you as you get dressed every morning.

How a Terracotta and Organza Essential Oil Diffuser works

Terracotta is a porous substance and will soak up any liquid it comes in contact with (in this case, essential oils).  Organza is a thin, plain weave, sheer fabric that will allow the scent of the essential oils to diffuse into the area.  

You can make your own terracotta ‘charms’ using air-drying clay, soak them in your favourite essential oils, pop them into a cute little organza bag and enjoy the scent for up to ten weeks.

Just like any diffuser, you will eventually need to replenish your oils to maintain the scent.  Once the scent fades just re-soak your charms in more oil and they will be as good as new again.

Terracotta and Organza Essential Oil Diffusers work best in small spaces such as an office or school desk drawer, clothes drawer, wardrobe, school bag or handbag.

the materials needed to make a terracotta and organza essential oil diffuser

I’ve made my charms by rolling out my clay and using cookie cutters and old play-dough tools to cut out small shapes.  I’ve then decorated the shapes by imprinting them with rubber stamps.

Alternatively you can swap the kid’s play dough for the terracotta clay and have them make charms using their play-dough tools and equipment.

In a pinch, you can also use a simple plastic drinking straw to punch out tiny round discs of terracotta confetti.  They may not be as pretty as making your own charms but they will work just the same.

Here’s a pic of the charms and confetti I made:

three types of terracotta charms

How to Make a Terracotta and Organza Essential Oil Diffuser

What you need

  • Air Drying Terracotta Clay
  • Small Organza Gift Bags (mine are 7.5cm x 10cm or 3″ x 4″)
  • ¼ tsp essential oil
  • Rolling Pin
  • Cookie Cutters & Decorative Rubber Stamps


Roll your clay out to about 3mm or 1/8” thick and cut out shapes using cookie cutters.  Small shapes are preferable – no more than 2cm or ¾” in length or diameter.  Decorate by imprinting your shapes with rubber stamps.  Put your terracotta ‘charms’ aside to dry for at least a week.

terracotta charms on a plate

Directions for Use

Soak terracotta charms in 1/4tsp of essential oil in a covered bowl (not plastic) until all the essential oil has been absorbed.  Place charms in the organza bag and store it in a small space such as a clothes drawer, wardrobe, school desk drawer, school bag or handbag.  Scent should last 5-10 weeks (depending on strength of blend used).  Add more essential oils as necessary.


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