Essential Oil Diffuser Pendants IKEA Hack

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Last Christmas I shared five homemade gifts you could make with items from IKEA and that post was a huge hit.

ikea hacks for essential oil gifts

While that post was based around ideas for making your own Christmas gifts, I realized that these cute little terracotta diffuser pendants are suitable for giving all year around so I decided to give them their very own blog post.

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Let’s Recap!

Ever wanted to make your own diffuser jewellery but just didn’t know how to go about it?  Well here is an easy peasy IKEA hack for making a beautiful pendant out of air hardening clay.

essential oil diffuser pendant ikea hack instructions

Gather Your Supplies

Materials from IKEA

SAMVERKA Plant pot
DRÖMMAR 14-piece pastry cutter set in box, light blue
SODA Drinking straw

ikea products needed to make diffuser pendants

Additional Materials

items needed to make ikea essential oil diffuser pendants


Roll out your clay on a non-porous surface (like a plastic cutting board), then roll a SAMVERKA plant pot across it to emboss the clay with its pretty design.

Then use a DRÖMMAR pastry cutter set to cut out small embossed shapes. Remove the excess clay then smooth the edges of your clay shapes with a finger dipped in water.

Finally, punch out a hole in the shape with a SODA drinking straw and put the shapes aside to dry on a paper towel (refer to the instructions for your air hardening clay to determine drying time).

clay essential oil diffuser pedants drying on paper towel

Once dry, thread a craft necklace through your clay pendant, add some essential oils and fasten your necklace around your neck – so easy!


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