Easter Cookie Stamp Bath Bombs

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I have had a cheeky little idea for an Easter-themed gift for my friends and family.

stamped easter bath bombs

Check out these cute little Easter cookie stamps I found at the local supermarket.

Now I’m no wiz in the kitchen, so extravagant Easter cookies aren’t really on the cards. Instead I’m going to use them to whip up some beautiful Easter Bath Bombs.

black silicone muffin tray sitting next to three easter-themed cookie stamps

I made a batch of Lavender & Spearmint scented bath bombs, and a batch of Patchouli & Clary Sage scented bath bombs with doTERRA essential oils in two different shades of lavender.

It’s always wet and rainy around Easter time where I live so I actually dried these bath bombs in my oven, and I made sure to store them out of the humidity as soon as they were done to prevent them from reacting with the moisture in the air.  

What you need to make Cookie Stamp Bath Bombs

  • 140g Bi-carb soda (Baking Soda)
  • 70g Citric Acid
  • 4 tsp (20ml) Liquid/Fractionated Coconut Oil
  • 10-20 Drops Essential Oil
  • Natural Food Colouring (optional)
  • Large Silicone Muffin Tray
purple and mauve bath bombs embossed with easter cookie stamps

Wearing gloves is recommended


Sift the bi-carb soda and citric acid into a bowl and mix well. Add coconut oil, essential oils and colouring (if using).  Remember liquid food colouring is moisture so take it easy.  Excess moisture will cause your mixture to fizz and puff up and your bath bombs will be ruined.

Use your hands to combine the mixture, rubbing it between your fingers to evenly disperse the wet ingredients.  You’ll know your mixture is ready when it sticks together/packs down and can keep its shape.  It will still look kind of dry, but if you take a handful of the mixture and squeeze it, it should pack easily into a ball. If your mixture is too dry add a few more drops of coconut oil and mix again.

Once you get the correct consistency, divide your mixture between three holes of the muffin tray.  Push down the mixture into the mould, but don’t compact it too hard or your cookie stamp won’t make a proper imprint.  Stamp your bath bombs with the cookie stamps, pressing down firmly with equal pressure across the whole design.  If you have trouble with the bath bomb mixture sticking to the stamp when you lift it and ruining the design, consider letting the bath bombs dry with the stamp in place and removing it after.  I had to do this for a couple of mine that have a more intricate pattern.

easter bath bombs surrounded by doterra essential oils and cookie stamps

Set the bath bombs aside to air dry for 24-72 hours. If humidity is high at the time you make your bath bombs (as it was for me), consider drying your bath bombs in the oven on the lowest setting with the fan on for an hour or so.  When sufficiently dry, your bath bombs should release from your mould fairly easily, if they are still wet, they will not fall out with ease.  Store your bath bombs in a plastic zip-lock bag immediately.

Drop bath bombs into a bath, or a bucket of water for a foot soak.  Kids will love watching them melt in their hands in a bath or in a bucket of water in the shower.  They are also great for outdoor water play.


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